Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gymnastic Meet

Friday was Ciara's first ever gymnastic meet. She has been looking forward to this for a very long time. The day before the meet we found out that she had pneumonia, the doctor said that she could still compete if she felt up to it. She also had her last practice on Thursday and I told her that she didn't have to go since she was sick. Her response surprised me, she said that she had to go, that everyone was counting on her and she didn't want to let her team mates or coaches down. So I let her go. Friday when she woke up and she said that she felt just fine, thank goodness!
On our way to the meet, I asked if she was nervous, she said not really, she has this in the bag! I was just glad that her meds were working :) The meet started just fine, then as it went on I just knew that she wasn't feeling that well. Instead of practicing on the side for the beam and floor, she was just sitting there looking wiped out :(

Here are pics of the meet:





Now the results:

2nd on beam

1st on bars:

1st on beam:

4th on floor:

She was even the All Around Champion in her division!! All of my pics were too blurry for that gold medal. I couldn't believe it, even being really sick, Ciara was the Champion in her division, I'm so very proud of her! Her team also won 1st place out of all the other teams! Way to go!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So Exciting!!!

So Ciara has been working so very hard at gymnastics because she really wants to move up so she can start competing. Last week, she passed off 5 skills and her coach told her that she should watch the Visa Championship that was on Saturday. Well she was out with her Grandma and Aunt Saturday night, so I DVR'd it for her. On a side note, I love DVR :) She watched it and she couldn't take her eyes off of it, even when one of the top 5 people got injured pretty bad. At the end of the meet, she told me that she wants to go the gym all those girls went to, which is in Texas. I told her there was no way I could do that since I would never see her, and not to mention that it's super expensive. Well today she had gymnastics and she passed of 9 more skills. This put her over the top so she can move up to start to train for competitions. She is super excited, and I am so very proud of her. So when one of the coaches was talking to me about it I made the comment that Ciara wanted to train with the people in Texas. The coach then tells me that the level 10 girls actually compete with the girls at that gym and last year they beat the Texas team. So starting September 1st, Ciara will be spending a whole lot more time at the gym then what she is doing now. I know that she can do whatever she puts her mind to, and I know that she will go far as a gymnast! Great job Ciara!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Allison!

6 years ago today, Allison was born. She was a quiet baby that never really cried, and had dark brown hair, and bright blue eyes. I wish I could find a pic of her like that, but I can't seem it find it. A few months later, she lost all of her hair :( but she was still a cute baby.

Well days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. When she was about 18 months she still wasn't talking like she should and sometimes she acted like she really couldn't hear. I took her to an ENT doctor and he did some tests, and we found out that she was moderately deaf. She has been through 3 ear tube surgeries, another surgery to take out her adenoids, and then a fifth surgery to take out her tonsils to prevent ear infections that was causing her hearing loss. Mind you all of these surgeries took place from when she was 18 months to about when she was 2 1/2. Those were some very trying months for me, and not to mention what was going on with Ciara at the time too. Anyways I am proud to report that Allison has only mild hear loss. She still has trouble hearing sometimes, especially if you're not looking out her while you talk. Sometimes she has to read your lips to see what you are saying. But now she looks like a very pretty girl.

She has always had a mind of her own, and she's not afraid to tell you that either. She is my stubborn, girly girl, piece of perfection. I love it when she makes up her own songs, when she says things in her little accent that just blown me out of the water but I just have to laugh for how she says it. The way she talks sometimes sounds like she is from Boston. I don't know how that happened, but its super cute. I love it how she plays with her hair when she is nervous or bored. I love it how she knows just who needs a friend and then takes care of them. I love it how she eats something, and then about a hour later she's hungrey again. It kinda gets on my nerves sometimes. I would really like to know where she puts all the food that she eats because she's not fat at all. She wants to be a model or an actor when she grows up, and she already has the attitude part down :) I will do anything that I can to help her reach her dreams.I would do anything for her. I just wish that she can stay my little cuddly girl forever.

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Fun

So I took the girls to the Sandy City 4th of July thing by city hall. We go every year since they have tons of free crafts for kids to do. This year they made cute magnets Ciara made a monkey, and Allison made an elephant. Ciara also made a cute 4th of July picture frame, a picture cup, and a foam airplane. Allison made herself a crown, a picture cup, and a foam airplane. On our way out, the girls noticed that in one of the booths they had feather extensions. Right when they saw it they wanted to have them. They've been bugging me to have them done for a while now. Of course I checked out the price first before I agreed to it, and they aren't as expensive as I thought. So both girls got two feather extensions.
Here is Ciara's:

Here is Allison's, she went with the smaller ones:

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mini Recital

So today the girls had a mini recital for gymnastics. They only did their floor routine, nothing else, but they still had fun. Ciara is getting better and better everyday. Her coach says that she will be moving up another level soon, She's only been in level 3 for about 6 months and she's already mastered almost eveything that she needs to. Alli on the other hand, just goes for fun. She's good, but she just likes to mess around and play with her friends. She really doesn't pay that much attention to what she needs to learn. She was kinda lost on what to do for her routine. Anyways, enjoy the pics!

Ciara going into a backwards roll:

Ciara doing a little pose:

Ciara getting read to do a round off:

Alli doing her routine:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Hair

So a couple days ago both girls came to me and told me that they wanted to get their hair done. No big deal I thought. I asked them what exactly they wanted to do to their hair. That's when they informed me that they wanted to dye their hair, I have no problem with them doing this since its only hair. Ciara told me that she wanted pink in her hair since that's her favorite color, and what do you think Alli said? Alli wanted her favorite color in her hair also, which is purple. So I let them get it done. I think they look rather cute :)

Here is Ciara with her hair:

Here is Alli:

Alli has a total of 2 streaks in her hair, and Ciara has 5. Ciara has more since she has more hair, and thicker hair. Now they think that they are super cool hahaha! I don't mind, whatever makes them feel happy :)

Friday, May 20, 2011


Well, this week I got to check something off my list of things that I never thought was going to happen to me. It wall started on Tuesday. Tuesday I was having surgery on my other foot, the one that I thought was my good foot, to fix a problem I had. Tuesday morning went by just fine. I got a call right before 9 in the morning saying that they moved my surgery time up. I show up when I was told to, but do you think I got into surgery before my original time? If you thought that, then you are wrong just like I was. My original time was 1:30 in the afternoon, but they told me to come in at 12:30. I didn't roll into the O.R. until after 2:30 what took so long you might ask? Well first off I thought they put me into the wrong waiting room because I was right next to a way old guy getting an endoscopy. That's right, they just me in the same waiting room to get an endoscopy. I was there for a foot surgery, not having something put up my backside! Anyways, they knew I was there so that wasn't the problem. The problem was that they called my doctor saying that they were running a little late and not to come in for a while. But here's the thing, the hospital never told me that they got behind again. Oh well, what can you do. Well my time came to go to the O.R. and I was way nervous, but the nurses were very nice and helped me a lot. So I'm in the O.R. and what do you think happened?!? I woke up twice! Not just once, but TWICE! How does that even happen? Lets just say that when I woke up and told them that I feel everything, the look on their faces were priceless. I've always heard of people waking up during surgery, but not twice. I thought that that would never happen to me. Well what can I say, I was wrong :(
Oh well, that's life right?